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Elementum FX Opening Acts

  • Opening acts, product presentations, business openings, a start of construction, opening a new building, opening a new business, start of a new project... Elementum FX knows how to create unforgettable and spectacular PR stunt. With years of experience and refreshing perspective we choose together the best options for your event. All opening acts are tailored to the occasion and needs of the customer. Of course, each presentation can be expanded with additional special effects, as e.g. a drop curtain, confetti, balloons, water-show, fireworks or flames, acts or acrobatics. The opening is started by you, for example pressing the big red button, and we take care for the rest. Together, we agree on the best solution that fits your needs and budget. Elementum FX Special Effects Company is the right address for the special effects and organization and devising of complete concepts for a perfect event. Please contact us or visit us at www.elementumfx.nl

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