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Elementum FX Event Support

  • Elementum FX delivers many special effects and shows. Are you going to organize an event? We are ready to help you. We inform you about the possibilities of the machines, and the applications for which you could use each machine. We offer our professional knowledge and experience and we will help you with the organization of the event you organize. Elementum FX provides complete concepts for market promotions, opening acts, PR actions, parties, concerts, festivals and other shows. We also take care of the entire organization of the event from A to Z. Together we propose the best solution for any application that suits your needs and budget. Let us take care of the entire production or let our profesionls help you with chosing the most suitable special effects. Please contact us or visit for more information on www.elementumfx.nl

Elementum FX Opening Acts

  • Opening acts, product presentations, business openings, a start of construction, opening a new building, opening a new business, start of a new project... Elementum FX knows how to create unforgettable and spectacular PR stunt. With years of experience and refreshing perspective we choose together the best options for your event. All opening acts are tailored to the occasion and needs of the customer. Of course, each presentation can be expanded with additional special effects, as e.g. a drop curtain, confetti, balloons, water-show, fireworks or flames, acts or acrobatics. The opening is started by you, for example pressing the big red button, and we take care for the rest. Together, we agree on the best solution that fits your needs and budget. Elementum FX Special Effects Company is the right address for the special effects and organization and devising of complete concepts for a perfect event. Please contact us or visit us at www.elementumfx.nl

Elementum FX Watershows

  • Special Effects Company Elementum FX creates spectacular water shows! Water Fountains to the beat of the music with light effects and special light effects or flames. We also provide water screens, jumping jets, foam fountains, dancing fountains. We can take care of the entire organization of the event from A to Z. Together we come to the best solution that suits your needs and budget. Do you need a complete spectacle show? We arrange it combining e.g. fireworks, singing, dancing and acrobatics, live entertainment, stilt walkers and more! The shows can be performed at any location, indoor & outdoor, private parties, conferences or just as a part of a festival, dance event or a concert. The water shows of Elementum FX can be accomodated to any setting. Contact us or visit us atwww.watershows.nl

Elementum FX Fireworkshows

  • The breathtaking firework shows of Elementum FX are brilliant as a start or ending of your event! Fireworks and flames effects timed to music, effects that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Always adapted to your requirements and plans. Do you need to rent Flames for stage effects? Arrange fireworks for the closing act of your concert? Special Effects Company Elementum FX provides complete professional fireworks solution, planning, permits and arrangement as well as crew of qualified pyrotechnicians. We can also combine the fireworks with a water show to create an unforgettable impressive spectacle. Elementum FX differentiates itself by offering a complete spectacle show including entertainment. Do you want to know more? Please contact us or visit our webpage www.fireworkshows.nl

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